October 19, 2006

Stephenomenal 4.0

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This page is the Weblog or blog (origins) of Stephen Charles. This is where I post my opinions, observances, images, clippings and links that I found interesting. If by chance you leave here having learned something, then that's just added value.

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Recent Comments

Shellz on The final shout-out:

I was doubled over reading this. As if the grammatical errors weren't enough, the re-count of his life was hilarious!!!!

stephenomenal on when netspeak goes wrong:

i feel your pain. i didn't get into it until after I netflixed season one. that's the best way to watch it since each ep is ends in a mini cliffhanger. Season 2's reruns with weeks between new shows were killng me. They are breaking this season into 2 parts and putting Taye Digg's series in between.

check out this fan (people w/ too much time on their hands) site: http://lost.cubit.net/

a girl named Rock. on when netspeak goes wrong:

I'm guessing this is in ref. to LOST? I didn't know you watched. I'm hating this season so far. Mostly because I watched the first two seasons on DVD and the commercials are now killing me. This week they had 2 commercial breaks before 15 mins into the hour.

a girl named Rock. on The final shout-out:

I'll write it for you. I have experience.

Nik on The final shout-out:

I could just picture a "Pooky-esque" person saying these words.


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back in the day

testing dotcomments...r.i.p. reblogger and all previous comments...
I rented the Final Fantasy DVD...i have fallen asleep on both attempts to watch it. It may be a combination of factors. The animation is good enough for an exceptional video game cutscene but it's not quite there as far...